Full Bunk Bed with Ladder on End

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Create the perfect shared room with our best-selling Maxtrix Kids bunk bed with ladder on end! Wider size = extra room for growing kids, sleepovers or snuggling with parents.

Stacked full beds allow you to sleep two while keeping valuable floor space open. Patented Rock Lock system makes bunk beds super sturdy. Solid wood ladder with extra wide, grooved steps for safe climbing ladder sits flush at the bed end for a more compact footprint.

Choose Medium or High height to suit your child & spatial needs.
Medium: Our best-seller! More underbed space, but still fits average ceilings + safe for younger ages.
High: Higher bunk = more underbed space, making it a comfortable choice for teens & adults.

Customize this Full bunk for fun or function; pair with matching trundle bed, storage drawers or underbed curtains. Convert as your needs change – easily separate into individual Full beds or turn them into lofts!