Full XL Medium Low Loft with Mattress

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Maximize your space with our Full XL Low Loft Bed with Mattress. Perfect for younger kids and smaller rooms, this low loft bed’s raised design opens up more space for storage or play. Over 4 inches longer than a regular full size bed, this loft bed gives growing kids and teenagers plenty of space to stretch out. The solid wood angled ladder has wide, grooved steps to make it easy to climb into bed. A beautiful natural wood finish and curved headboards and footboards add elegant details that complement any room’s style. A Maxtrix ForeverBuilt bed, this bed can easily convert into a taller loft bed, bunk bed or full xl bed as kids and families grow. Cool, comfortable, and supportive, our 5-Inch Premium Full XL Memory Foam Mattress has all the comfort and support of a thicker mattress without all the bulk. Cooling gel memory foam and high-density base foam offer the perfect amount of comfort and support, while non-toxic materials and a machine-washable, organic cotton mattress cover promote a clean and healthy sleeping space for all ages.