Full XL Quadruple Bunk Bed with Stairs

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This Quadruple Bunk is two traditional Full Bunk Beds connected by a staircase in the middle. Designed as a space-saving way to sleep four, it's the perfect solution for a shared bedroom or vacation home. Added bonus, stairs double as drawers for built in storage! Choose Low, Medium or High height to suit your needs.

Our Full Quadruple Bunk Bed is just that! Two full size low bunk beds connected by a staircase in the middle.

Stacked design creates a space saving way to accommodate 4. It's the ultimate solution for a shared bedroom, vacation home, or anywhere sleeping quarters are at a premium.

Staircase is safe for kids and comfortable for adults as well. Plus, each step has a deep drawer for extra storage.

Sleep easy - Patented Rock Lock system prevents bunks from wiggling. Wooden slats are tested to withstand more than 800 lbs of weight PER bed.

With the Maxtrix System you'll be able to convert as your needs change “ use as individual full beds, or divide into separate bunks and lofts.