Medium Curve Full Bunk Bed with Options


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Stretch out and snooze with our Medium Full Bunk Bed with 2 Mattresses. Ideal for growing kids, teenagers and college students, this full size bunk bed features a stacked design that opens up floor space without minimizing sleeping space. This bunk bed has over 3 feet of space between each bed with our 5-inch Premium Memory Foam Mattress, allowing kids of all ages to sit up comfortably in bed. This heavy-duty bunk bed can support up to 800 lbs. per sleeping surface, while tall 16-inch guard rails on the top bunk keep sleepers safe and secure. The ladder has wide, grooved steps to make it easy to climb into bed. Curved headboards and a beautiful natural finish give this classic style an elegant look that complements any space. Perfect for guest rooms or shared spaces, this bed can be reconfigured into two full size beds or turned into lofts as kids and families grow. Cool, comfortable, and supportive, our 5-Inch Premium Full XL Memory Foam Mattress has all the comfort and support of a thicker mattress without all the bulk. Cooling gel memory foam and high-density base foam offer the perfect amount of comfort and support, while non-toxic materials and a machine-washable, organic cotton mattress cover promote a clean and healthy sleeping space for all ages.