Toy Chest/Storage Bench

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This patent pending design features a dual opening mechanism - you can open the toy chest from the top (as any Regular toy chest), or chose to open it from the front - or both! this versatile design allows you to stack multiple toy-chests on top of each other to create a storage Tower, or integrate them into any of our storage bed configurations (combine them with a 2 drawer cube dresser for a great way to use the space under the footboard). because of the dual opening feature, you can easily access all toy chests in your stack! all toy chests and Boxes are crafted from solid hardwood and are available in three finishes - white, chestnut and Natural. Compare our extra-large dimensions to Regular toy- chests. These chests are designed to hold a lot. Designed for extra safety, a hydraulic arm Slot lowers the front opening so children can easily place or slide toys in without standing up. A slow-close mechanism and wide Slot right under the lip of the top lid make the toy-chests easy to handle and prevent injuries for children and adults alike. Convert the toy chest into a bench by adding a reversible seat pad available in pink/Purple or red/Blue with polished white piping accents. Make clean up a breeze for everyone with this fabulous new toy chest design