Twin High Corner Loft Bunk with Straight Ladders on Ends

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This "œL" shaped design fits your bedroom corner for a space-saving way to sleep three! High height = extra headroom between stacked beds and more clearance beneath the loft. Customize free space for storage, study or play. Safe + sturdy ladders on positioned on each bed end provide dual points of access to top.

Our high corner loft bunk is just that "“ two beds stacked on one side connected to a single raised bed on the other. The result is a super functional "œL" shape that fits perfectly in your bedroom corner.

With space to sleep three, its the ideal solution for a shared bedroom or for any child who loves to host sleepovers. Also a popular choice for vacation homes where guest accommodations are at a premium.

High height = ample headroom between bunked beds and over 4 ft of clearance beneath the loft.

Customize based on your needs. Turn open space into a study nook, fill with storage, or leave free for playtime. You can even sleep a 4th by adding a trundle bed to the lower bunk!

Solid wood ladders on both ends with extra wide, grooved steps for safe + comfortable climbing.

The Maxtrix System allows you to convert as your needs change "“ use as individual twin beds, or divide into separate bunk and loft.