Twin Mid Loft Bed with Stairs with Underbed Curtain

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Raised high enough for ample underbed space (10” more than the low loft!), but still suitable for younger children and low ceilings, our popular mid loft bed with stairs works for all.

Hand sewn, 100% cotton curtains are pre-washed and super durable. Velcro strip attachment so you can change or remove without damaging the wood.

Staircase makes it easy for kids to climb up top, and comfortable for parents as well. Each step has a deep drawer, great for clothes or toys to help keep your child’s room tidy.

Curtains turn floor space underneath into your child’s very own fort – perfect at playtime and still functional for storage.

A great bed for younger ages; but it’s designed it to convert into a taller loft, a bunk or standard twin bed as kids + families grow. Built to last.